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Icon Name Numbers Last Update
Aof1 logo.jpg Art of Fighting 1 34 14/08/2020
Aof2 logo.jpg Art of Fighting 2 41 27/06/2020
AOF3 logo.jpg Art of Fighting 3 20 20/08/2020

Icon Name Numbers Last Update
FF1 logo2.jpg Fatal Fury 1 18 28/06/2020
FF2 logo2.jpg Fatal Fury 2 33 22/07/2020
FFSp logo2.jpg Fatal Fury Special 51 14/08/2020
FF3 logo2.png Fatal Fury 3 25 08/08/2020

Icon Name Numbers Last Update
KOFxShinomas logo2.png KOF X Shinobi Master New Link 14 19/07/2020
NGBC logo2.png Neo Geo Battle Coliseum 225 16/07/2020

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@KusanagiNest for his help about King of Fighters All Stars artworks ●
● Ripperbro for his help for SNK arts ●
Japanese Magazines Scans for his scans of Neo Geo Freak with amazing quality ●
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